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1.5" BLACK


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Part Number:10772BK15 Manufacturer: BOHNING CO., LTD. Color: N/A Size: N/A


The X Vane Series is known for its excellent accuracy and durability and is by far Bohning’s most popular vanes. X Vanes models are available in a massive assortment of options for virtually any application, including indoor archery, 3D shooting, bow hunting, recurve and compound bows, crossbows, and more. Bohning also offers X Vanes in virtually every conceivable length and height, and a wide assortment of color options allows you to customize your bow setup. Like all of Bohning’s premium vanes, the X Vane series is pre-primed for optimal adhesion and are proudly made in Lake City, Michigan, U.S.A.


  • Excellent accuracy and durability
  • Pre-primed for optimal adhesion
  • A massive assortment of options for virtually any archery application
  • Multiple colors available

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