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5 Spot


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Mfg Part Number:AQ600B Manufacturer: Bear Archery Color: BLACK Size: 5 Arrow

Trophy Ridge compound bow accessories produces no-nonsense equipment engineered for only the most serious bow hunters. No gimmicks. No fads. Only simple effective technologies and designs at a price you can afford to get more game in your freezer.
The Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Quiver features a soft touch noise elimination hood and black finish to keep you hidden on the stalk. Securely holding 5 broadheads in dual arrow grippers the hood won't dull or deploy your mechanical broadheads. It's attached to your bow with a QD mounting bracket and includes a hanging loop for the tree stand. This is a common sense lightweight polymer design that will simply make your life easier on the hunt.

Specifications and Features
Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Quiver AQ600B
5 Arrow Compound Bow Quiver
Soft Touch Noise Elimination Hood
Dual Arrow Grippers
Quick Detach Mounting Bracket
Hanging Loop
Lightweight Polymer Construction

5 Spot
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5 Arrow

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