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Vac Sealer Bags, 11" x 16" (Gallon), 100 count


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Part Number:30-0102-W Manufacturer: WESTON

Weston 11-in X 16-in Gallon Mesh Vacuum Bags, 100 Ct (Box) Reliable bags for vacuum sealing freshness.

These top-of-the-line 11" x 16" Weston vacuum sealer bags (model 30-0102-W) are a great way to extend the usable life of your food products they will keep food fresh up to six times longer than non-vacuum methods. Vacuum sealing foods virtually eliminates the "freezer burn" that can adversely affect your business's food cost and these two-ply, 3.0 mil high-quality bags are reusable and safe to wash in the dishwasher. These gallon-sized bags were designed to work with Weston's excellent line of Pro Series vacuum sealers but are compatible with most other types of vacuum sealers as well. They can be reheated up to the boiling point and can also be microwaved (provided one pokes holes in the bag prior to microwaving. This product ships in a box of 100 bags.
Vac Sealer Bags, 11" x 16" (Gallon), 100 count
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